Chasing the Artificial Rainbow



by Coach Gregory Ford & Calvin Hayes

“Not everyone can be famous, but everyone can be great because greatness is determined by service.” This quote by Martin Luther King speaks volumes to those who are looking to leave their mark on the world by significantly contributing to the lives of others. Fame and riches are only temporary, but a life of service is eternal.

Many young people make decisions based on what will provide instant results and temporary satisfaction. A full life sometimes requires doing what is unpopular and embarking on a path that leads to long-term success. Your life has an expiration date, but your legacy should not.

Chasing The Artificial Rainbow (CTAR) is a book inspired by Dr. King’s vision for America. In the midst of generational changes, too many African American students have made playing professional sports, signing high dollar contracts, or being in the limelight of television and entertainment, their main goal and sole purpose in life.

CTAR offers viable solutions for “building up” African American students. The book promotes economic empowerment, teaches sound decision-making skills, and uses cultural awareness to give students a foundation for who they are and what they can become. Cultural awareness is presented in a manner that emphasizes the life-long process of knowing and loving thyself. The psychological aspect of life as a student is complex. The book help parents, teachers, students, and athletes relate and contribute to the process.

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Chasing the Artificial Rainbow, Defining Your Moment, A Platform for African American Success by Coach Gregory Ford and Calvin Hayes